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Submission Guidelines

Monongahela Books publishes works of American regional history and literature.

These include genealogy, local history, frontier and miliary history, literary history, criticism, fiction and poetry.

Because our books are written for the general reader, we favor clear, straight-forward prose that does not resort to specialist jargon.

As an alternative to the majority of publishers who are perennially on the lookout for "younger, fresher voices," we favor older, independent scholars and writers whose work demonstrates a broad historical perspective and is informed by the traditions of their medium.

We encourage prospective authors to familiarize themselves with the books we have published thus far. Excerpts from these books, as well as related news, may be found on the Monongahela Books blog.

Before submitting manuscripts, please send a one- or two-page sample of your work, plus a half-page summary of your completed book, to BJ Omanson at All such queries will be answered as promptly as possible.