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Second Division ~~ Army of Occupation.

George Donaldson

NEW copy. (Monongahela Press, 2017). Facsimile edition of original edition published in July, 1919 at the 78th Company Headquarters in Neuweid, Germany. Trade paperback, 6x9, miracle binding, 22 pages.

~~~~~ In addition to the actual history of the company (8 pages), there are several photographs, an Honor Roll of the Dead, a list of "Decorations Won by Men of 78th Company" including Croix de Guerres, Citations for Gallantry in Action, Distinguished Service Crosses (16) and Medals of Honor (John Kelly & John Pruitt), and a complete company roster of officers and enlisted, showing the home addresses of the men as well as their names. Ranks, however, are NOT shown, and enlisted & officers are not separated.

~~~~Original copies of this history are virtually non-existent.