WWI Marine by Samuel J. Woolf
Marine Corps Art Collection

2019 Great War Calendar

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Helmet with affixed EGA device
dug from Belleau Wood ?

Marine Corps Recruiting in the World War

A selection of newspaper articles, letters, diaries
& photographs from the period.

Paris Island in the World War

A selection of newspaper articles, letters, diaries
& photographs from the period.

A black & white version of this cartoon first appeared in
The Lafayette Journal, Indiana, 12 June 1918
Courtesy of Erick Eastes

1st Field Hospital
of the 2nd Division A.E.F.
in Bezu le Guery, near Belleau Wood

Over 6000 American, French and German soldiers
were treated here from the fighting at Belleau Wood.

Sixth Machine Gun Battalion

4th Brigade of Marines, 2nd Division A.E.F.
Documents, photographs, biographies, etc.

Advertisement for the 1926 motion picture
What Price Glory?,
about the U.S. Marines in World War I,
based on the play by Laurence Stallings,
who lost a leg while leading a platoon
in the final charge at Belleau Wood.

Belleau Wood, Village of Belleau,
and Aisne-Marne Cemetery

A portfolio of photographs
of the Wood, the Village & the Cemetery
taken shortly after World War I.

~ New material added 30 July 2017 ~

The Earliest Belleau Wood Museum

Built in the years following the Armistice,
it perished during the second German invasion
of June, 1940.

Meet Gilles Lagin:
military historian & battlefield guide
specializing in Belleau Wood
and the 1918 Marne Salient

The Bulldog Fountain
at Belleau

Was it here
that the idea of bulldog
as Marine Corps symbol
was born?

Special Belleau Wood Exhibition at the
Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

June ~ September, 2001

Books About

Damage to the Belleau Wood Cemetery
caused by the Windstorm of
20 December 1999

A gallery of photographs
showing the extent of the damage,
courtesy of Gilles Lagin.

The March to the Rhine

The March of the 2nd Division, A.E.F.,
including the 4th Brigade of Marines,
from the Meuse to Rhine,
17 November to 13 December 1918

A day-by-day account,
supplemented with detailed intelligence reports.

Capt Charley Dunbeck’s farewell
to the men of the
2nd Battalion, 5th Marines,
on the eve of their demobilization,

with particular attention paid
to the final days of the war
and the crossing of the Meuse

The USS Henderson

Transport of the U.S. Marines, 1916~1946.

The Death of an Adventurer,

Kenneth Collings, Marine Flyer

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