Charles Trinkard

Charles Trinkard, a jeweller's engraver of Ozone Park, New York, was one of the first American volunteers in the Legion. He was in the trenches during the winter of 1914-1915, but shortly afterwards was sent to the hospital with alingering case of fever. He did not return to active duty until July, when he was wounded in the Champagne fighting.

~~ Alice S. Weeks, Greater Love Hath No Man (Boston: Bruce, Humprhies, Inc., 1939).

Charles Trinkard of Ozone Park, NY, served with the Foreign Legion from August 24, 1914, until March 1, 1917. He enlisted in the French Aviatioln Service on March 13, 1917, and earned his brevet on July 24, 1917. He served with Escadrille N-68 until killed in athe line of duty on November 29, 1917, near Toul. He had previously been awarded the Croix de Guerre with star.

~~ Walt Brown, Jr., An American for Lafayette: The Diaries of E.C.C. Genet, Lafayette Escadrille. (Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1981), p 153.