Bob Scanlon

Bob Scanlon, professional boxer, soldier of the Legion, kept having narrow escapes from death so often that he became a mascot of good luck. In civilian life he had whipped Mar-Robert, Marthenon, and Joe Choynski - even the Boche shells respected him! He changed from the Foreign Legion into the 170th, then went into a machine gun company. He lost his good luck. He found a piece of shell which ripped him up badly. Two years later, in September, 1917, in Bordeaux, coming back to his old gait, he gave a boxing exhibition with Lurline, the French Champion.

~~ Legionnaire (John) Bowe, Soldiers of the Legion. (Chicago: Press of Peterson Linotyping Co., 1918).

From Mobile, Alabama, Bob Scanlon followed (the boxer) Jack Johnson to Paris. At Verdun, May 1916, Bob Scanlon had a big hole torn in his left hand by a piece of shell-casing. After the war, Bob Scanlon was unfitted for the boxing ring by his wounded hand, but was often seen in sporting circles around Paris, until he was shot and badly injured by a jealous woman.

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