"After the penance comes the
absolution. You will find
peace only at the lance's
point. Son of France, go,
go, go! I will help you.
Go hardily to Verdun!"

The Broken Soldier
and the Maid of France

by Henry Van Dyke

Wartime Pilgrims to the Birthplace of Jeanne d'Arc

Images of Jeanne d'Arc used to Encourage the War Effort

Images of Jeanne d'Arc in Popular Culture during the War

Images of Jeanne d'Arc in War Literature and Art

~ Full text of The Broken Soldier & the Maid of France

Images of Jeanne d'Arc in War Memorials

Thanks to Rik Scherpenberg for this image.


Yves Buffetaut, David Heal,
Sharon Henderson, Micheal Shackleford,
Simon Dowsey, Therry Schwartz
& Rik Scherpenberg,
President: War Relics Archives

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