Georges Casmèze

Born 1878. Naturalized American citizen by the US District Court (New York), April 1897. Address in USA at time of enlistment, August 1914: 673 St. John's Place, Brooklyn, New York. Age at time of enlistment: 36.

~~ Rich McErlean

G. Casmese, real friend, old soldier of the Legion, got mixed up and disappeared in the quick-acting movements of these chain-lightning times.

(speaking of the morning they all left Paris for Rouen. August 23, 1914):

... the American volunteers assembled at No. 11 Rue de Valois, and had breakfast through the courtesy of M. Georges Casmeze at the Café de la Regence.

~~ Legionnaire (John) Bowe, Soldiers of the Legion. (Chicago: Press of Peterson Linotyping Co., 1918).