John Jacob Casey

John Jacob Casey of San Francisco, California, enlisted in the Foreign Legion in August 1914 and served until 1918. In 1918 he was refused enlistment in the A.E.F. on account of age. He was placed in charge of the art department of an American war organization. He died in New York of pneumonia in April 1930.

~~ Walt Brown, Jr., An American for Lafayette: The Diaries of E.C.C. Genet, Lafayette Escadrille. (Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1981), p 153.

John Jacob Casey, a cartoonist from San Francisco, California, went into the Foreign Legion in the early days and is still going strong. Naturally of a quiet disposition, he will fight at the drop of the hat, on provocation. He was shot in the foot on September 25, 1915 (battle of Champagne), was in the hospital of the Union de Femmes of France at Nice and went back to the front, where he still remains.

~~ Legionnaire (John) Bowe, Soldiers of the Legion. (Chicago: Press of Peterson Linotyping Co., 1918).

Jack Casey had studied art at the University of California, the Art Students League in New York, the Boston Museum, and the New York School of Fine Art. He was quite successful and already had given one-man shows in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Paris.

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